When is the Prom? The Prom is the first Saturday after Mother’s Day. However, the Prom is currently not scheduled.
What time is the Prom? 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Where is the Prom held? There is no location for the Prom.
Is my daughter old enough to go to the Prom? The Prom is for girls age 12 and under. Each family must make its own decision whether their daughter is too young to attend the Prom just as each child is different. It is a large crowd and there is a chance of younger girls wanting dad to hold her all night. Also, it is a young crowd. If your daughter is about to turn 13, you may want to consider your own personal one-on-one date night with your special girl. 
What does it cost to attend the Prom? The fee is paid at the gate and is $20 per dad or male escort, no matter how many girls he has!
Can I pay with a Credit Card? Unfortunately, no. We can not take Credit Card payments.
Can I pay with a Check? Unfortunately, no. We can not take payment via Check.
How do I RSVP? Registration is currently closed. If you would like to know when the Prom resumes email connect@fdprom.com
What is the dress code? Party Clothes is the dress code. Each family has their own definition of “Party Clothes”. For some men, a clean white t-shirt and clean black jeans are party clothes. Where as other dads own a tuxedo and this is their chance to get some use out of that investment.
Is there food? Complimentary light snacks will be served at the Prom. They are not substantial enough to be considered a meal so make plans to eat dinner either before or after the Prom.
When will the party pictures be available? The Prom Photos will be available online the first part of June. The entrance ticket has the address and password for a secure website where you can copy, download and print photos for your personal use. In an effort to protect the girls, we ask that you do not share the site address or password with anyone not associated with the Prom.
What if I no longer have my entrance ticket?
If you no longer have the entrance ticket, simply email connect@fdprom.com and ask for the link and password for the Prom photos. Be sure to include which year you would like to view as each year has its own link. Also, send your request to view the Prom photos  from the email address used to register for the Prom.  Again, we take the security of our guests very seriously and as a result will not share the site address or the password with anyone not associated with the Prom.
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